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I have thought that Walden Pond would be a good place for business... it is a good port and a good foundation.



Currently, the Edge Ops is an independent project of Meg Studer/Siteations Studio. Technical advice, commentary, and monetary support have been provided by, respectively, Michelle Chandra at CartoDB, Catherine Seavitt at City College, Patrick Chura at University of Akron, and the Getty's Summer Institute grants.


Meg Studer is a lecturer in landscape architecture at the City College of New York. Her research explores the quantitative constructions of environment within modern governmentality: from the state statistics of 18th and 19th century industrialization to the computational scenarios of post-war planning. Along with visualizing the  metabolisms of antebellum Boston, her current projects include:  Autonomy & Autodigestion, with Lydia Kallipoliti, on 1960's eco-architecture and Aerial Arts on appropriations of WWII cartography in Robert Smithson and Earth Art. Her research has been shown widely at design, history,  and tech venues—including Columbia U’s Studio X-NYC, NYU’s Humanities Initiative, the Van Alen Institute, College Art Association, Society for Architectural Historians, and Harvard’s MetaLab. Her graphic and written work has been published in GroundUp, Scenario Journal, Landscape Architecture Frontiers, Via, Projective Ecologies, and Landscape Architecture Magazine.


For additional information see Siteations Studio.


Research assistants and student coders will be added by semester. Project push and classroom/geolab integration anticipate for fall 2016.